Sunday, May 11, 2008

Great Comedian Movie

There's nothing much i can do lately..just lepaking in my room..surfing..updating anything and do anything worth..tapi lately rajin ku meliat wayang sorang-sorang since my best friends semuanya busy with their need space just let it go saja..bukan nya nda mau memikirkan..but just kan membagi ruang arah dorang kan bernafas..hehehe nway..tadi(10/5/08) i went to the cinema and watching a new romantic movie from asthon kutcher and cameron was an amazing and very very nice movie..jalan cerita nya...pelakon2 nya...even though and while some of my friends said it was cheap romance movie, me myself found it very entertaining. There were so many funny scenes in this movie, that you can't help but want them to stay together. If you are looking for a good time, and plenty of laughs, then this movie is a great movie to check out..

that But there is one thing yang annoying masa ku meliat movie ani..ada chinese guy yang duduk disebelah ku ..huhu .. no offence eh haha.. scenes dalam movie ani banyak yang bila sajachinese guy ketawa..macam kedengaran bau yang kurang enak hehehe..rupa2nya..that bad smell keluar dari mulut that guy huhuhu..cant stand it hehehe..bau nya atu menusuk kalbu ... iatah lain kali kalau kan meliat wayang pastikan mulut nda bebau..or untuk mengelak kan daripada mulut atu bebau..ada baik nya membawa gula-gula or beli something yang boleh menghilangkan bau mulut..its not smell good..huhuuhu..sorry guy..ok lah..u guys better watch this movie..very entertaining...Bring friends along, or your significant other, neither one of you will be disappointed.

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